female factor masterclass | unlock the power of your female cycle

Harness the power of your cycle for better decision-making, peak performance and guiding intuition!

7. Feb

Talent Garden, Wien ab 16:00

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WHAT IS THIS MASTERCLASS ABOUT? Did you know? Your female cycle is a powerful tool to thrive in your life and career. Think of it as your natural built-in coaching system! Each cycle offers you key messages for you to grow. All a woman has to do is to connect with that potential. In this masterclass you will learn how you to harness the power of your female cycle for better decision-making, peak performance at work and guiding intuition. WHO WILL YOU LEARN FROM? Alisa Eresina is a women empowerment coach and speaker. She is a certified yoga instructor, meditation teacher, trainer, founder and podcaster. Her work focuses on empowering women to step into their full potential and harness the power of the female cycle to live a vibrant life they love. During her academic career in business and socio-ecological economics and policy, she focused on various aspects of mindfulness in work and economics. In the past years, she worked with various individuals and organizations through her coaching programs, workshops and retreats. Her approach is holistic and ranges from positive psychology, NLP, somatic bodywork, Buddhist, yogic and tantric teachings and more. Alisa’s mission is to help others to step into their full power and elevate human consciousness. WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT FROM THIS MASTERCLASS? Learn how to work in alignment with the natural rhythm of your body in order to reduce stress, PMS & to elevate your life quality. Uncover your optimal integration of different phases for better work performance. Identify your energy leakages and energy multipliers. Get simple tools for mindful cycle awareness and learn how to access deeper intuition through your cycle. WHO IS THIS MASTERCLASS FOR? This masterclass is for women who are open to connect deeper with their female body intelligence and level up their game.

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